The Daily Prayer Of Commitment

If you follow what we are about to share with you, this will be the last day you have a thought filled with worry and fear. The daily prayer of commitment is when you make the resolute decision to commit to trusting God with all of your cares and worries. You can push fear aside and enjoy the peace that only God can give.

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The Bible tells us time and again not to worry. Worrying does nothing but produce things in our lives that we do not want. It creates stress, anger, and even death. Jesus constantly instructed us to not fear. Paul wrote about it time and again. God is all around against it because it is a strategy created and used by the enemy against Christian Believers.


In Philippians 4, it is a command from God. It says to be careful about nothing. That in everything we should pray daily and be thankful to God. We should let Him know what we need but not be fearful.

The Amplified Bible says that we should not fret or be anxious. In 1 Peter 5, the Bible says to cast all our cares on God so that in due time He can exalt us. That scripture is clear and does not say to only cast part of our care on God. All means all.

It doesn’t pray about everything but your career. It does not pray about everything but your health or finances.



You should say pray every morning that you trust God no matter what. That you don’t have a worry because you have cast all your cares on the Lord. Every single negative thought that comes to your mind should be passed over into God’s hands. Roll it over on Him because He loves you.

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Here’s a great example of this. If you were standing 10 feet from me and let’s say I throw my car keys over to you. If anyone else came up to me and asked for my car keys I would tell them there is nothing I can do. I have given the keys over to that person. They have them and I do not.

I wouldn’t say that they don’t exist. I didn’t say that they couldn’t walk over and get them. If someone wants my car keys they would have to go and talk to you because I gave them to you.

This is exactly how we need to treat our worries and fears. We should pray and give them over to God and never take them back. When the enemy brings thoughts of despair, in those moments we tell him to go and talk to God because your cares are in His hands.

We aren’t denying that they don’t exist. God has them and we don’t.



Many Christians hope that God will take away their worries. That is not how it works. Peace doesn’t come that way. It comes by praying and obeying God’s Word and casting all our care and anxieties on Him. We must make the decision and replace those thoughts with God’s promises.

Philippians 4 says to control our minds and think about good things. When we do, God promises that His peace will set a guard over our hearts and minds to protect us. We have to act on our faith. We must keep control over our thought life.

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2 Corinthians 10 says that it’s up to us to cast down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. We’re the ones who need to bring every thought into captivity.

When people say that they can’t stop worrying, that’s not true. They absolutely can.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are powerful through God. They can pull down the strongholds the enemy tries to put in our minds through daily prayer and taking action on their faith.

Anyone can stop worrying if they choose to. Make the decision to pray the daily prayer of commitment and cast all of your cares on God. Choose to not take them back. Let God work on them while you refuse to worry.

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