Hindrances To Our Prayers

God wants to answer the prayers we lift up to Him. Not only have we been given the Holy Spirit, but we also have God’s Word. This means we can know His will and when we pray in accordance with it, we can be confident that He hears us.

Prayers that go unanswered are not the Lord’s fault. It isn’t because He decided to ignore us or that He is in any way unwilling. It is because there are hindrances and hurdles.

Scripture after scripture encourages us that God is looking all over the world to show Himself strong on behalf of those who love Him. Those whose heart is perfect towards Him. The great news is that when we become aware that our daily prayers can be hindered, we can learn how to avoid those traps.

There’s simply nothing like having God answer our petitions. Jesus said in Mark, chapter 11, that if we want what we pray to happen, we need to believe that we receive the answer before it arrives. That is praying in faith.

He didn’t say that only one or two things would come to pass or that every now and again one of our prayers would get answered. He said all and that is one huge statement to encourage us.


Two great robbers and hindrances are doubt and unbelief. Despite appearing to look alike, they are indeed different. Doubt will rob us of God’s blessings.

Doubt and faith don’t mix therefore those who doubt will feel disconnected from God. It’s like a disease that creeps in and eventually the person doubts that God will even reply to his prayers.

As a result, they begin to pull away from God. They don’t spend as much time with Him. They rarely open their Bible. This directly affects God’s power in their life.

The source of doubt is not understanding God’s Word. For example, if someone doesn’t believe that God will provide, they’ll never look to Him to meet their needs.

Or if they don’t believe in healing, they’ll not rely on God for miraculous intervention. This means they don’t have faith in the Lord. No faith, no answer, which leads to more hindered prayer.


The key to avoiding running into unanswered prayer is gaining more knowledge of God’s Word. It is through this godly knowledge that we can fellowship and grow our relationship with God.

Our love for Him increases. We begin to realize that the more we know He loves us, the more we can believe Him to come through for us. We start to learn more about just how good He is and we will live in faith accordingly.

Therefore, when they pray they know that God has heard them. They can rest in His faithfulness and tap into their patience until God’s answers show up at their door.

Now unbelief in God is another beast. It’s when a person knows that God exists but they make a choice to not believe in Him. They look at the Bible and consider it just stories. He may even know some scriptures but he chooses to live in the flesh and not in the spirit.

The way to rid yourself of unbelief is again to seek God through His Word. The scriptures must take the number one place in your life. No matter what, the person must make the decision to believe God over their situation.

They will not allow tradition or what they see and feel to determine what they believe. They will pray according to God’s will and trust that He will bring deliverance.

The person knows that God would never promise one thing and mean another. He is a God of His Word.

This same person refuses to be moved by what they see. They trust God no matter what.

When you pray, expect your circumstance to change. God is faithful and He will answer your prayer.

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