Fasting & Prayer – How To Do It

There are two different forms of fasting and it is important to know the difference. There is a proclaimed fast and then there is a personal fast. Let’s jump into how each of these is unique. These 2 types of fasting were explained by Jesus in Matthew 6.

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To be clear, we do not fast to try and impress and move God. There are some people who believe that if they fast and suffer long enough that somehow they are going to get God to do whatever they ask. That if they manipulate Him in just the right way then finally He will move on their behalf and bring about the purpose of their fast.

Hurting or injuring yourself does not impress God. Holding off from eating or even drinking (which we never recommend) will only leave you with hunger pains. The key to remember is that fasting and prayer change you.


Now let’s talk about a fast that you proclaim. There are many reasons for this type of fasting. Maybe you need to hear from the Lord about where to go or what to do. This is a fast done with more than just one person for the sole purpose of uniting Believers into a place where they can all hear from God. The reason for this is that when you know which direction God wants you to go then you can all pray in that same direction.

The biggest reason that proclaimed fasts work so well is that it keeps people in one accord and all their minds are facing the same direction. The direction they are facing is toward God’s Word. All distractions are dropped and they align together focused on God. This type of fasting makes tremendous power available that often manifests right in the middle of the fast.

When the Holy Ghost moves in the midst of a group of people on a proclaimed fast, it is a sight to see. All of them are praying and minister to God. This type of coming together brings about lasting change that often impacts not only the community but the whole world.

In the atmosphere of this type of fast God is given front and center stage. He is number One and it’s all about His will and His way. This is when God speaks and directs. It is valuable and works so well because of the singleness of the mind. There is a sole purpose and everyone involved is on the same page. It’s just like praying in agreement. It makes a lot of power available.

So in this fasting time together instructions are given by God. When those who hear it walk it out, the results are miraculous.


This is the second type of fast and is the most popular. This is when you fast in secret. You decide what You are seeking God about and keep it front and center. This helps carry you through to the end of the fast. It’s important to be specific here and know what the purpose is.

Empty plate of food.

If you set your faith in God and believe in the answer you will find that when the pressure sets in, you can overcome it. Keeping the reason why you are personally fasting at the front of your mind makes the whole process much easier.


Fasting under the New Covenant is different than fasting under the Old Covenant. In the old, they would be chastised through the process. The Lord loves those He chastised was the promise they could stand on. In the new, it is much different.

Under the old, repenting meant to be sorrowful to the point that you would inflict yourself with pain and suffering. Under the new, it means to have a change of mind. To turn from one direction to another.

The good news is that as a Christian living under the New Covenant, God will not hurt you. Physical punishment was put on Jesus and the price was paid in full. God uses His Spirit to teach you. He uses His Word to correct you.

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